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AFG1000 Serisi Arbitrary Fonksiyon &220;rete&231;lerinin &246;zellikleri nelerdir? Incluye dos modelos de 2 canales de 25 y 60 MHz y hasta 10 Vp-p afg1000 de amplitud de salida. It generates all kinds of waveforms needed in a lab. This MZI-based bending sensor was fabricated by fusion-splicing a section of TCF between two single-mode fibers (SMF) with core-offset.

, often referred to as "Tek", is an American company well-known for producing measurement and testing devices, such as logic analysers, oscilloscopes, and video and mobile test protocol equipment. AFG1000 Series Datasheet The AFG1000 Series 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 Arbitrary Function Generator 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 provides a waveform generation tool with the best price performance ratio. Learn about our industry-leading Test and Measurement tools. AFG1000 Series 35 AFG 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 35 AFG3000C Series 36 AFG31000 Series 36 AWG5000 Series 37 AWG70000 Series 37 AWG5200 Series 38 AWGSYNC01 AWG Synchronization Hub 38 SourceXpress™ 39 Signal Generator Software 39 EDUCATION 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 SOLUTIONS afg1000 41. Distribution Cache. 100MHz, 16Ch digital, 2 Ch.

It includes two models with dual channels, up to 60 MHz bandwidth and up to 10 Vp-p output amplitude. of Channels:2 Channel Product Range:AFG1000 Series 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 Bandwidth:60MHz Signal Generator Modulation:AM A. Los cuatro modos de funcionamiento, las 50 formas de onda incorporadas de uso frecuente y el contador de frecuencias integrado de 200 MHz, cubren la mayor&237;a de las necesidades de generaci&243;n de formas de onda en. Generate arbitrary or standard waveforms for Tektronix AFG and AFG 3000 function generators.

4 &231;alışma modu, 50 adet dahili en yaygın dalgaformları ve. 00円 テクトロニクス製|18:00までのご注文を翌日お届け、3,000円以上購入で送料無料。SIGNAL GENERATOR 2-CH ARB/FUNC 25MHZ Signal Generator Type:Arbitrary Function No. Function Generator, Arbitrary, 2 Channel, 25 MHz, AFG1000 Series - Tektronix - AFG1022 구매 element14는 특별 가격, 당일 발송, 신속한 배송, 다양한 재고, 데이터시트 및 기술 지원을 제공합니다. &199;ift kanal, 60 MHz bantgenişliği ve 10 V p-p değerine kadar &231;ıkış genliği sağlayan 2 modeli 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 mevcuttur.

任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 Home ; Products. A 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 highly sensitive directional bending sensor 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア based on a three-core 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア fiber (TCF) Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI) is presented in this study. The Advanced 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 Force Gauge (AFG) is the most versatile, fully-featured digital instrument from Mecmesin. Mecmesin are your solution to tension, compression, torque, adhesion, flexure, coefficient of friction, crimp joint, shear, peel, tear, crush, top-load, and closure testing. 提供 25MHz 或 60MHz 带宽,2 个输出通道,在整个带宽内 1mVpp 到 10Vpp 输出振幅,泰克 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 AFG1000 任意波形/. Hand-held force gauges, consoles and software controlled testers.

DMM4000 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 digit&225;lis multim&233;ter csal&225;d. Common trigger modes include normal and auto. Los generadores de la serie AFG1000 tienen una excelente relaci&243;n calidad-precio.

AFG1000 Series The AFG1000 Series Arbitrary/ Function Generator offers the best price performance ratio in its afg1000 class. SignalVu-PC 49 DataVu-PC 49. Tektronix has over 70 years of experience designing Test and Measurement equipment. 4A-NN-NN-NN-2N-NN-B1-2D-PC-1G Operator Panel by Bosch Rexroth Indramat? The four run modes, 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 50 built-in frequently-used waveforms and the built-in 200 MHz frequency counter cover most waveform generation needs in your experiment and test jobs. Farnell offers fast quotes, same day dispatch, fast delivery, wide inventory, datasheets & technical support. Cost per pc(Approx.

Full of useful 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 features to help you solve almost any tension and compression measurement problem. We carry the entire BTV20 series of Panels, 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア simply contact us for availability and lead 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア time. 任意波形/ファンクション・ジェネレータ AFG1000 シリーズ.

【AFG1022】SIGNAL GENERATOR 2-CH ARB/FUNC 25MHZ 109,261. Accurate to an outstanding &177; 0. Or limit the slew-rate to narrow the pulse-width, and. Newark ofrece presupuestos r&195;&161;pidos, env&195;&173;o en el mismo d&195;&173;a, entrega r&195;&161;pida, amplio inventario, hojas de datos y soporte t&195;&169;cnico.

Buy Arbitrary / Function / Pulse / RF Generators. Arbitrary Function No. Looking for the CFG-BTV20. The AFG1000 Series Arbitrary Function Generator provides a waveform generation tool with the best 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 price performance ratio. Tru-RMS Electronic logging multimter with Trend Capture, Replaces the Fluke-187. Looking for the PC844-001-A Digital Brushless Servo Drive by Pacific Scientific? 美国泰克Tektronix AFG1000系列任意波形发生器提供了性价比好的双通道波形生成工具,1 μHz ~ 25 MHz(AFG1022)或60 MHz(AFG1062)正弦波形范围,12位或1μHz分辨率和&177;1 ppm 漂移高稳定性时基,在频域中提供杰出的信号保真度。由于1 mVp-p 到10 Vp-p 输出幅度范围及整个频 率范围内14 位或1 mVp-p 分辨率,您不必再. 優れた性能と汎用性 優れた性能/価格比を実現した信号発生器です。 2チャンネル出力、最高60MHzの帯域幅、最大10Vp-pの出力振幅(50Ω)に対応した2種類のモデルが用意されています。.

The 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 instrument is intuitively configured with a 3. AFG1000 Arbitrary/Function Generators Quick Start User Manual, Russian, (Tektronix part numberxx). We carry the entire PC/PCE800 series of drives, simply contact us for availability and lead time. Re: Save Hardcopy to PC, PyVisa - MSO/DPO 5K 7K 70K Series Scopes Post 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 by Carl M &187; June 15th,, 7:43 pm my personal preference is to setup the instrument with a. Digital Storage Oscilloscope.

다목적으로 사용되는 각각의 모델은 아날로그 또는 디지털, 이상적이거나 왜곡 된 표준 또는 맞춤형 신호를 거의 무제한으로 생성 할 수 있습니다. 95英寸TFTLCD、快捷按钮、USB接口和PC软件提供. Mixed signal Scope Rs. PCサプライ・AV. 产品型号:WK-AFG1000系列 产品名称:任意波形发生器 提供了性价比的波形生成工具。它包括两个双通道型号,60MHz带宽,10Vp-p输出幅度。4种运行模式、50种内置常用波形和内置200MHz频率计数器,满足试验和测试工作中的大多数波形发生需求。3. Compre AFG1022 - Tektronix - Generador de Funciones, Arbitrarias, 2 Canales, 25 MHz, Serie AFG1000. AFG1000 Serisi Arbitrary Fonksiyon &220;rete&231;leri, en ideal fiyat ve performans orantısını yakalayan bir dalgaformu &252;retim ara&231;larıdır. okt&243;ber&233;ben jelentette be &250;j term&233;kvonal&225;t a digit&225;lis labor 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 multim&233;tereket.

It includes dual channel, 25 MHz bandwidth and up-to 10 Vp-p output amplitude. It’s tailored for educational users with 25 MHz bandwidth, 2 output channels, and 1 mVp-p to 10 Vp-p output amplitude across full bandwidth. Генератор сигналов произвольной формы afg1000 доставка в любой регион РФ. 5 to 2500 N, it is ideal for mounting to a test stand or use as a hand-held device. Allied Electronics afg1000 & Automation is your distributor of choice.

&0183;&32;You could just build a small piece of hardware to stick at 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 the output of 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 a PC serial port, that allows you to inject bursts of noise (or whatever type or duration you like), or trim the signal amplitude (to measure detection thresholds), or gate the signal level to create runt pulses, etc. The AFG1062 Arbitrary Function Generator provides a waveform generation tool with the best price performance ratio. 95-inch TFT LCD, short-cut buttons, USB interface, and PC software. Adatlap: DMM4020 - DMM4050, DMM4040 A Tektronix Inc. It includes two models with dual channels, up to 60 MHz bandwidth and up to 10 V p-p output amplitude. 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 See page 27 Education Solutions.

Mecmesin design and develop torque and force testing machines for component, product, and material testing. Function 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 Generator, Arbitrary, 2 Channel, 60 MHz, AFG1000 Series - Tektronix - AFG1062 구매 afg1000 element14는 특별 가격, 당일 발송, 신속한 배송, 다양한 재고, 데이터시트 및 기술 지원을 제공합니다. The AFG1022 Arbitrary Function Generator provides a waveform generation tool with 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア the best price performance ratio. The AFG1000 includes two models with dual channels, up to 60MHz bandwidth and up to 10Vp-p output amplitude. AFG1000 Arbitrary/Function Generators Specifications and Performance Verification 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 Manual PDF documents not included on the AFG1000 Documentation CD but available for download fromwww. 텍트로닉스 신호 발생기는 센서 신호 복제에서 rf 및 가장 빠른 고속 직렬 데이터 신호 생성에 이르기까지 광범위한 분야에 사용 되고 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 있습니다. 来自PC端 回复.

AFG1022 from Tektronix at Allied Electronics & Automation. Reliance Electric. A mode that determines whether or not the oscilloscope draws a waveform if it does not detect a trigger. Search results for. Farnell ofrece cotizaciones r&225;pidas, despacho el mismo d&237;a, entregas r&225;pidas, amplio 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 inventario, hojas t&233;cnicas y soporte t&233;cnico. 33 【AFG】GENERATOR FUNCTION ARB. Due to the location of the core in the TCF, a bend applied to the TCF-based MZI led to an elongation or shortening of.

AFG1000 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア 系列任意波形发生器提供了性价比最好的波形生成 工具。 它包括两个双通道型号,最高 60MHz 带宽,最高 10 Vp-p 输出幅度。4 种运行模式、50 种内置常用波形和内置 200 MHz 频率计数器,满足试验和测试工作中的大多数波形 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア afg1000 发生需求。. 95-inch TFT LCD, short. Генератор сигналов произвольной формы afg1000 продажа в Москве. It 任意波形編集用pcソフトウェア includes dual channel, 60 MHz bandwidth and up-to 10 Vp-p output amplitude. Nagy pontoss&225;g&250; Tektronix multim&233;ter, professzion&225;lis tan&225;csad&225;s. with models from 2. Comprar AFG1062 - Tektronix - Generador de Funciones, Arbitraria, 2 Canal, 60 MHz, Serie AFG1000.